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Welcome to Victorious Kids Child Care Centers

Day Care Services: Welcome

Our Locations

Victorious Kids Child Care Center 

22487 Gratiot Ave 

Eastpointe MI 48021

(586) 393-5075

Coming Soon (June 1, 2023)

April's Kiddie Kingdom

W. Warren Ave

Detroit MI, 48228

(313) 282-9050

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Day Care Services: Locations

Our Daily Schedule  

6:00am -7:00am

   Arrival and Quiet Time 

7:30am- 8:30am

Toileting / Hand Washing/ Breakfast

8:30am- 9:00 am

Free Play In Or Outdoors

9:30am- 9:45 am

Sing Along

9:45 am - 10:15 am

Toileting /Hand Washing/ Am Snack

10:15 am- 10:45 am

Circle Time

10:45 am- 11:30 am

Free Play In Or Outdoors

12:00 pm- 2:30 pm

Quiet Time/ Nap Time

2:30 pm- 3:00 pm

Toileting/ Hand Washing/ Pm Snack

3:00 pm-3:35 pm

Learning Through Play

3:35 pm- 4:10pm

Free Play In Or Outdoors

4:10pm- 4:30 pm

Story Time

4:30pm- 5:30 pm

Wind Down/ Prepare for Dismissal and Second Shift Entrance

5:30 pm - 6:15pm

Toileting/ Hand Washing/ Evening Snack

6:15pm- 6:45pm

Learn Through Play

6:45pm- 7:15pm

Free Play In Or Outdoors

7:15pm- 8:00pm

Toileting/ Hand Washing/ Dinner

8:00pm- 8:30pm

Story Time/ Free Play

8:30pm- 9:00pm

Wind Down / Movie

9:00pm- 11:00pm

Quiet Time/ Nap Time/ Dismissal 

Day Care Services: Text

Call Today to Register!

(313) 282-9050

(586) 393-5075

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